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Courage Support Group

Information about the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Chapter of Courage and Courage International.

courage crossHave Courage!
You Are NOT Alone.


COURAGE is a spiritual support group for persons with same-sex attraction who desire to lead a chaste life in accord with authentic Roman Catholic Church Teaching. Please visit the COURAGE website, or email Fr. Adam Mauman ( to receive more information. CONFIDENTIALITY and ANONYMITY ASSURED.

Click here to download the brochure for  Courage – Indianapolis Chapter.

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Pursuit of Truth – A Place to Call Home
Pursuit of Truth – Embracing the Faith


What does the Catholic Church actually teach?

How do I explain my faith to my friends?

Does the Catholic Church actually love ME?


If you have ever asked any of these questions…

For more information, please visit the Courage website at

“This resource accurately reflects Church teaching; it will profit those who seek to grow in their understanding of the reason and truth that underlies Catholic teaching. It offers valuable insights from those persons who experience same-sex attractions and who have chosen to live lives consistent with the truth of the human person and the Catholic Faith.”

Fr. Paul N. Check, Executive Director, Courage International